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Planetary Resources headquartered in Redmond, WA is pleased that Congress has passed HR 2262 into law which gives space speculators a wide berth in this inchoate venture. This will likely be enough to actively engage those UHNWIs (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) previously sitting on the fence, to invest in this emergent and exciting new field of mineral exploration.

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The passing of this historic law is a major win for companies like Planetary Resources as well as Deep Space Industries and Kepler Energy and Space Engineering.  These companies, and others I expect, will extract metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt,platinum and uranium and either process these in outer space or return them to Earth to cash in on their considerable value. Redmond's Planetary Resources is the most advanced in the race thus far and states it will have prospecting platforms in place in the next decade.

​The new legislation, HR 2262, recognizes the right of U.S. citizens to keep asteroid resources they mine, and thus encourages commercial mining of precious metals and water from asteroids. 

Currently everyone is raising money and Deep Space was noted as saying HR2262 “will spur an influx of capital into the industry and encourage entities to further develop plans and technologies to extract minerals from the vast numbers of asteroids and other resource-rich bodies in the solar system.”
Many UHNWIs are climbing aboard to see where this possible economic rocket will take them.  Knight Frank (a world renowned valuation, survey and auction business of 55 Baker Street, London W1.) offers this global perspective (http://www.knightfrankblog.com/wealthreport/news-headlines/to-infinity-and-beyond-for-property/) on how sub-orbital space travel (a direct component of asteroid mining) will affect property values worldwide in unpredented economical real estate market shifts.They also provided this graphic showing the staggering economic value that could be gained from harvesting outer space minerals - billions and trillions of dollars are forecasted; many on an 'annual' basis .
Ooh, want to see something really cool?  Before you go!  View the 3-D space simulation with the calculated net/gross worth of asteroids as they come near Earth!